Ancient Sovereign Order of S.R.O.T.N.

Introduction to the S.R.O.T.N.

Using the motto, "Elephants Never Forget," the S.R.O.T.N. (Sovereign Rite of the Nephilim) are associated with the fearsome C.B.C.S. Knights of St. Vitalis of Assisi, an offshoot of the powerful esoteric group known as the Ancient Sovereign Astral Order (A.S.A.O.). The S.R.O.T.N. seeks to awaken the power of their Nephilim blood by performing Enochian Ape Rites. S.R.O.T.N. has reformulated the ancient Moloch legend as worked by the original Supreme Pontificators St. Germain, Cagliostro and Al Crowley to heighten the influence of their Chief Deitrix, AShRH. In order to further awaken their mysterious arcane telepathic powers, their ever-expanding internet base, with Grottoes in Mexico, Uganda, the United Snakes, Yap, and the U.K. meets astrally at precise coordinated times at the massive star-shaped Astral Temple. It is where the the real work is done and where the real Invisible Expanded Masters hang out.


Q.) What is the S.R.O.T.N.?

A.) The Shemihaza Rite of the Nephilim is a Dadaesque pre-Abrahamaic Matriarchal Pantheistic Judaeo-Buddhist war cult wrapped up in arcane meta-knowledje for the dominatoin and subjugation of all human flesh.

Q.) Can women be S.R.O.T.N. matriarchal pantheists?

A.) Yes.

Q.) Do Atheists and Agnostics accepted in their Grottos?

A.) The S.R.O.T.N. states that what someone does or does not believe in is none of their business and advise not attempting to use their Grottoes as a pulpit. No one is ever be denied membership in their ancient order as long as they submit to the rules.

Q.) Is alcohol permitted at Grotto meetings?

A.) Not only are the S.R.O.T.N. exclusive prudes, their Rite of the Beak includes the Order of the Nine.

Q.) Is their membership private?

A.) Absolutley. Anyone can join.

Q.) I am a member of the Rosicrustacenas. Do I have to demit to join S.R.O.T.N.?

A.) The S.R.O.T.N. thinks that any organization that bosses you around shouldn't be belonging to in the first place. What you do is your business. The S.R.O.T.N. are gods not dictators. That being said, they will surely give you the boot if you join S.R.O.T.N. without a doubt.

Q.) I am interested, can I visit?

A.) Maybe.

S.R.O.T.N. History 101

Where to begin?

SROTN has been around since the dawn of time itself.

Many of SROTN’s historical records were destroyed in the Clone Wars of the First Dietrix. What little remained was ravished in the Hobopocalypse, when rampaging mobs destroyed the great library of Solkope. To preserve what remains, the Chiefs of Ten have enshrined their secret knowledge in a new Tarot deck, known as the Jubal Harshaw Deck.

SROTN first arose on the public stage in the first year of the First Dietrix when the members of Teletubby Lodge 1613 were massacred on the altar of Masonic tolerance. This atrocity is widely seen as an instigating factor in Pornj War One.

In those days, the Antiphant was under the protection of the Psychophant – a cruel and self-righteous dictator who banished many innocent Heathren from the great MFoL Citadel of Knowledge, never to return again. Their comments were stricken from every pillar and every obelisk of the Citadel so that no trace of them remained, and their IP addresses were recorded forever in the “Book of the Banned.”

Only a few brave Heathren escaped the great purge and clandestinely remained on MFoL to feed intelligence reports back to the Chiefs of Ten, who plotted their next move in secret.

The Antiphant was known by many different names – the Calumniator, the Blasphemer, Napoleon Bonaparte, Magus Masonica and JP Black, to name a few – but in those days, with the protection of the Psychophant, he was in his ascendancy, launching new Lodges of Imperfection on a weekly basis.

He ultimately claimed victory in Pornj War One when the first Dietrix was kidnapped and brainwashed, and many Heathern chose to fall on their swords and flee the Astral Plane forever, rather than taste from the bitter cup of defeat.

Historical accounts of the Second Dietrix, who reigned between Pornj War One and Pornj War Two are sketchy at best, but what is known is that by the time of Dietrix Fergie, under the direction of PNK-Ultra Mastermind Hrn. Nebo, SROTN had evolved into a far more effective fighting force.

The introduction of primitive Prophecy Juice™ under the second Dietrix, (later to be renamed Prophecy Juice 3-5-7™), and a coordinated propaganda campaign from the Rectified 1613 Nation were key factors leading up to the conflagration of Pornj War Two – which saw the first deployment of The Knights of St. Vitalis of Assisi and the S.H.E. Ninjas – a highly skilled paramilitary task force culled from the SROTN’s orphanage in Waco, Tx.

But then, on the verge of victory, the “Glen Beck Incident” threatened to derail everything – snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. SROTN was on the verge of a civil war.

The Antiphant was officially defeated in the reign of the Fourth Dietrix, but his presence has lingered until just recently, when the “Cult of Dracul” finally expelled him.

In terms of domestic policy, Operation H.O.B.O. evolved from Operation P.L.A.C.E.B.O., which was launched shortly after PNK Ultra completed its experiments in punitive psychiatry, and began releasing its findings on Esoteric Parataxic Distortion, (EPD), which essentially rewrote the textbooks for psychologists studying Endoteric Enlightenment.

In fact, Krampus originally came on board to help raise money for EPD research.

Pornj Wars, Episode 4

Collected Rites, Sovereign Astral Order of S.R.O.T.N.

The Pre-Abrahamaic Elephantine Rite:

Knights of the Self-Devouring Snake

Invisible Knights of F.N.O.R.D.

Ancient and Selected Order of Priapus

Supreme Mother Cult of the Elephant Skulls

Rite of the Beak:

Moons of the Seven

Phlegm Society (strictly by invitation only)

Amalgamated Whisky Degrees (AWD):

Order of the Nine

Modified Rizraim-Sourmash Tennessee Degree


Solkope Endoteric Parataxic Recovery Ministries battles against the virulent contagion of Esoteric Paratoxic Distortion™ (EPD) and Endoteric Enlightenment™ (EE). A ministry that finally tells the truth and rejects the concept of religion for profit and selfish gain, we channel Will by smiting dumbasses and fucktards of every stripe who have turned away from the All. Our specially trained ministers of G-d turn dumbfucks away from dumbfucktardary. This is not your father’s SEPRM — for those who are ready to take both the red and blue pill, SEPRM may be for you.

SEPRM empowers and restores the potent pornj spark to EPD victims via syncretic immersion into our delusional esoteric online community of ministerial specialists and EPD/EE patients.

The G.H.U.L.E. Society

The G.H.U.L.E. Society (Gas Huffers of the Unknown Latomic Elephanta) is a code-name for S.R.O.T.N.'s secret society of mind-control scientists, who specialize in offering cures for the following medical conditions —

Esoteric Parataxic Distortion — Scientists at the University of Solkope, who have been studying the therapeutic value of traditional herbal remedies are reporting that among it’s many medicinal properties, Prophecy Juice 3-5-7, (in conjunction with a healthy diet, high in fiber), can help promote esoteric regularity by lubricating the Pineal Sphincter.

Left untreated, inflammation of the Pineal Sphincter can develop into Endoteric Cysts and other retentive blockages of the Chakras.

Major pharmaceutical companies like St. Vitalis – which markets a popular line of genital wart removal lotions – are already planning to launch new over-the-counter ointments like Preparation-PNK, (pending FDA approval), all of which rely on Prophecy Juice 3-5-7 as the main active ingredient.

Esolepsy — Although Esoleptic Seizures can have a variety of causes and symptoms, recent experiments in Esoteric Over Stimulation (EOS) are shedding new light on the root causes behind these debilitating seizures.

The symptoms of Esoleptic Seizures, (also known as Esoteric Paroxysm), can include conniptions, sudden outbursts of hysterical indignation, (which often indicate the presence of underlying psychological conditions), and even Esoteric Parataxic Distortion. It is also known to effect the ‘humor centers’ of the brain.

The G.H.U.L.E. Society has clearly established a link between Esoleptic Seizures and the Pineal Gland – a region of the brain that is often referred to as a “third eye,” which is known to cause hallucinatory religious experiences.

“The development of the Pineal Gland seems to suppress the development of the humor centers of the brain, particularly in the frontal cortex where they are basically crowded out by the growing Pineal Gland,” explained Dr. Zaius of the University of Solkope.

He and his research colleagues have had great success in treating Esoleptic Seizures with an experimental surgery called a Pinealotomy, where doctors carefully remove or incapacitate the patient’s Pineal Gland with a thin metal wire inserted through the nose.

Esoteric Apophenia is the experience of spontaneous perception of creating imaginary connections and meaningfulness of unrelated occult phenomena, or random and meaningless data. The term was coined in 2011 by Dr. Kim-Jung Ill Zaius III in 2011, who defined it as the “unmotivated seeing of connections” accompanied by a “specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness.

Maladaptive Esoteric Abnegation (MEA) – a natural psychological defense mechanism that is commonly used to manipulate victims in New Age and Occult brainwashing sessions. Typically, when faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept, MEA sufferers will simply reject the facts, insisting that they are not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Doctors recommend that every adult occultist over the age of 40 get an annual Endoscopy as part of a routine checkup. An Endoscopy is a mildly invasive surgical procedure where doctors insert a small camera in the patient’s orifices to screen for endoteric cysts and other retentive blockages of the chakras, which could lead to MEA (see endoteric enlightenment).

Poor Knights Syndrome — While quietly laying plans for world domination, the original founders of the Knights Templar discovered Jesus’ secret healing recipes at the Temple Mount which showed them how to cultivate shroons and indoor genetically aural light cannabis using the horseshit accumulated for years in the stables that they inherited at the Temple. Meanwhile, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux began building the medieval street corner distribution network to market these new products to the Vatican while raising funds to build a global Christiandom network of head-shops using the code name (yes, the infamous Head of St. John the Baptist or the Green man in the Templar legend). However, these gateway drugs weren’t enough for the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon and they sought out more potent drugs. They formed an alliance with the Old Man of the Mountain” of the Hassassins who would sling drugs known as “hashish” that returned its users to paradise. Eventually, this wasn’t enough to satisfy their demand for better drugs so they traveled to Egypt and hooked up with the Rosicrucians where they learned ancient alchemical arts and produced what is known as the philosopher’s stone, a psychotropic drug akin to modern LSD, nicknamed “Black Cat’s Ass”. Though King Philip IV of France (a/k/a the Fair) was a huge fan of the Templar’s products, he built up a sizable debt to Grand Master Jacques de Molay and burned him to death in a tragic “accidental” alchemical bong fire while he was lighting up in one of the Templar crack houses….

SROTN’s Astral 3-5-7 Trepanning Technique offers a cure and new hope for Esoteric and Fraternal Parataxic Distortion. Gleaned from the Emerald Tablet of Bimbo, S.R.O.T.N.’s new Astral 3-5-7 Trepanning Technique offers hope to those who suffer from Esoteric and Fraternal Parataxic Disorder. In the most hopeless cases, untreated victims of the disorder fail to see reality, instead seeing only what they want to see rather than what is. The disease also produces a marked array of symptoms whereby sufferers seek an endless amount of titles, officer positions, an attachment to multicolored bellhop hats, and a craving for lukewarm banquet meals, fried fish, pancake breakfasts, donuts, and coffee. Victims from all over the fraternal world are seeking treatment and making appointments for triage to see if they can be cured at S.R.O.T.N.’s Star Temple Clinic in Waco, TX.

Dr. Zaius' Fourfold Dotage Detector (Solkope Patent No. 582-312-438-540), a device that can pierce the veil through multiple dimensions, layers of time and even other realities that may not even exist, allowing the viewer to unknowingly “see” into other places, designed as a cure for severe cases of Cosmic Chakra Disorder, which is an unusual and disturbing paradox referring to the inability of refractory pseudo-deficiencies in the human aura to generate sufficient immuno-responses due to infection, resulting in a truncated cosmic relapse response when subjected to alchemical sooty serum.

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